Small Renovations That Change The Look Of Your Home

Your home is one of your most valuable possessions, and day by day you endeavor to have the look and comfort you want. However, the passage of time, carelessness, and other factors can damage what you care so carefully. For this reason, here are some renovations that can change the face of your home, without investing much time or money.

Watch your garden

Cutting the lawn and watering your garden is an activity that undoubtedly enhances the attractiveness of your home. If you do not have enough time to tend your garden, remember that there is a great diversity of plants that do not need much water and that can give a special touch to this area. Also, remember to prune trees near your property to avoid damage in case of wind or rain.


Simple repairs and changes can work wonders in your kitchen. Remember to polish the water tap and wash the doors with water and vinegar to remove the stuck grease. Also, remove dust from your appliances and look for any leak you may have in your sink.

Clean the outside

Keeping the outside of your home free of dust and debris is important, however, it is also important to clean the windows and walls. A coat of paint is also an excellent idea if it is in your budget. Also, remember that changing, painting or polishing your home’s numbers can make your home look different.

Light up your home

Another simple and economical trick is to invest in outdoor lighting since in addition to creating a warm atmosphere, you can also make more home safe to avoid falls and keep thieves away.

Carrying out various types of maintenance, even if they are small but regular, is a great step to maintain the appearance of your home. In addition, it will help you identify problems that may be overlooked and that may end up in a repair that you did not have contemplated.

Being aware of everything that happens in your home is very important, however, there are small details and accidents that can escape your control.

Terrible Mistakes You Must Avoid During a Home Renovation

Many people think they are a pro when it comes to home renovation thanks to home improvement shows. However, some of them make the most terrible mistakes while trying to give their home a completely fresh look.

Are you considering a home renovation soon? If yes, these are the few terrible common mistakes every homeowner makes. Follow out tips and learn how to avoid them while renovating your home.

Incorrect Measuring Due to Laziness

Take your home renovation seriously and be prepared to do some hard work. Measuring your space is very important when you decide to renovate your home. However, home owners often measure incorrectly due laziness and carelessness.

Don’t make the same mistakes and measure multiple times. If you don’t and you measure incorrectly, it will cost you time and money. Also, you won’t be able to install the appliances or will purchase more or fewer materials than needed.

Only Focus on Appearances and Neglect Functionality

One of the biggest fails a home owner can make while renovating is to focus only on the appearances. That way you will neglect the functionality or chose something that seems beautiful but it’s not quality. For example, choosing a beautiful but not quality tile for your bathroom can cause a possible damage or mold growth. Chose quality over quantity and never looks over functionality.

Using the Wrong Paint Type

Many people waste hours over choosing the perfect shade of paint for their walls. However, they all make the same mistake and don’t pay much attention to the type of the paint they buy. There are a lot of different types of paint on the market. Some are flat, without gloss and aren’t easy to clean. It’s better to avoid these and chose the semi-gloss paint that’s always a better option.

Spending Too Much Money on Unnecessary Projects

Most people spend more on renovation than they anticipated. That happens because they think renovation means replacement. However, renovating your home doesn’t have to mean you need to spend a lot of money to replace everything. Replace only what’s old and wasted and reorganize the rest.

Although you think there won’t be any visible change, the results will be dramatic at the end of the day. Especially If your reorganize your furniture and art work.

Purchasing the Renovation Materials Too Early

Purchasing the renovation materials you think you might need before making a detailed plan isn’t smart. However, almost every home owner does the same mistake and end up feeling miserable. If you buy too much material – you lose. And if you buy less material – you will have to go back and purchase some more.

In both cases – you will lose either money or time. In order to avoid this terrible common mistake, make a home renovation plan first. If you can’t do it yourself, hire a professional. Never purchase anything before you make sure it’s what you need. Otherwise, you lose and make the same mistake as other home owners.