Small Renovations That Change The Look Of Your Home

Your home is one of your most valuable possessions, and day by day you endeavor to have the look and comfort you want. However, the passage of time, carelessness, and other factors can damage what you care so carefully. For this reason, here are some renovations that can change the face of your home, without investing much time or money.

Watch your garden

Cutting the lawn and watering your garden is an activity that undoubtedly enhances the attractiveness of your home. If you do not have enough time to tend your garden, remember that there is a great diversity of plants that do not need much water and that can give a special touch to this area. Also, remember to prune trees near your property to avoid damage in case of wind or rain.


Simple repairs and changes can work wonders in your kitchen. Remember to polish the water tap and wash the doors with water and vinegar to remove the stuck grease. Also, remove dust from your appliances and look for any leak you may have in your sink.

Clean the outside

Keeping the outside of your home free of dust and debris is important, however, it is also important to clean the windows and walls. A coat of paint is also an excellent idea if it is in your budget. Also, remember that changing, painting or polishing your home’s numbers can make your home look different.

Light up your home

Another simple and economical trick is to invest in outdoor lighting since in addition to creating a warm atmosphere, you can also make more home safe to avoid falls and keep thieves away.

Carrying out various types of maintenance, even if they are small but regular, is a great step to maintain the appearance of your home. In addition, it will help you identify problems that may be overlooked and that may end up in a repair that you did not have contemplated.

Being aware of everything that happens in your home is very important, however, there are small details and accidents that can escape your control.

How to Renovate Your Home Without Renovating!

The dream of every home owner is to renovate their home without spending any money. If you have the same dream, we’re here to help you realize it. All you have to do is follow our simple tips and save your renovation money. You can invest it in something else and still enjoy a new appearance of your home.

Money Saving Tip #1

Instead of buying new furniture, keep the old one and give it a brand new look.

Although other home owners chose to buy new furniture for home renovation, don’t forget you want to save your money.

Keep the old furniture and cover it with fabric or slipcovers. You might as well consider rearranging your furniture and play with the shapes. You will be surprised how this can give a new appearance to your home. And the best of all this is you don’t have to spend any money.

Money Saving Tip #2

Rearrange the artwork and update your decorative items.

Placing art work on your walls can make a huge difference in your home appearance. You can paint something yourself or let your kids, friends or partner play with the colors and create something original.

You can frame those paintings and don’t place them all in your living room. Place some in the entryway, your bedroom or even your bathroom. While speaking of the bathroom, don’t forget that it’s one of the most important areas of your home. You might consider repainting the walls or apply some small changes like replacing the wasted taps with new ones.

It will give your bathroom a brand new look. As for the decorative items, you can update them by reorganizing or simply make new decorations alone. For example, you can turn old cans into flower planters. Paint them in your favorite colors and plant your favorite flowers inside. Flowers will not only embellish but also refresh the appearance of your home.

Money Saving Tip #3

Reface your kitchen cabinets.

Instead of buying new kitchen cabinets, you can reface them alone. For those who aren’t familiar with the term ‘refacing’ let us introduce to you the cheapest way to renovate your kitchen.

Although many think of refacing as superficial, it lives a major dramatic impact on your home. And the best part of this renovation is that you can do it alone. The process includes replacing the front parts of your drawers and doors.

Although people prefer it for a kitchen renovation, you might as well use it to refresh the image of every drawer and door in your house/apartment. Adding new pulls, hinges, and knobs that are cheap will complete the transformation.

Money Saving Tip #4

Plants, plants everywhere!

Not only that plants will give your home a fresh and natural look but also contribute to your home renovation. Placing plants in each room will change the complete outlook of the space. You can create flower planters yourself by using old cans, bottles and other objects you don’t use anymore. We promise the results will be booming at the end of the day.