6 Reasons to Replace Home or Office Locks

When it comes to your home or business safety, you can’t leave anything to chance. That’s why it’s important to invest in quality locks. Even so, certain situations may arise that may force you to change the locks. Some of these situations include;

Moved into a new house or office building

It’s important to change locks once you move into a new house or office. Reasons being, you don’t really know how many keys the previous occupants had or if they gave someone a spare key to the house. It doesn’t matter if the house belonged to your friend, just replace the locks.

Lost/misplaced the keys

Losing or misplacing keys happens all the time. But what you do after that it’s all on you.

First things first, you will need to gain access to your home. If you do not have another set of keys on hand you will need to employ the services of a trusted locksmith. They can gain access to your home without any keys by using techniques that are common in the industry without damaging the lock itself.

Afterwards, it may be best to replace the locks or go with a rekey service as soon as possible. Someone might have access to the keys that you lost and you might not know their true intentions. Even if you find the keys, just change the locks because you can’t tell if someone got hold of them and made copies.

Both lock replacement and rekeys can be carried out by the locksmith that gains access to your home, so you can ensure that your home is fully protected.

Break-in or attempted break-in

When someone breaks into your office or home it means your security has been breached and locks need to be changed. Well, if you don’t, they might come back and things could be worse than last time’s break-in. Actually, a break in should prompt you to install higher quality locks.

Lock keeps jamming

Door locks jam all the time, especially during winter. But if you are always having problems trying to lock or unlock your door or the key is hard to hard, the lock or key might be damaged or rusty. If you’ve tried to lubricate lock/key, but nothing changes, the only option is to change the locks.

Breakup/ separation/divorce

After a tough breakup, separation or divorce can set the stage for feelings of mistrust which very normal. If your former significant other makes you afraid for your safety or you simply want to move on, replacing your locks is the best move.

Don’t get your spare keys back

You can also decide to change the locks if you don’t get your spare keys back from maybe your contractor after home renovations or from someone you used to stay with. It doesn’t matter if you trust them or you’ll never see them again, changing the locks won’t hurt.

To enhance security in your home or office, try and change the locks after a few years.